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NOTE: All prices listed below are in USD. Packaging and freight are additional unless noted otherwise.


The following aircraft plans are available from
Thatcher Aircraft, Inc.

Phone: (850) 712-4539
Email: thatchercx4@cox.net

Payment methods: Your personal check, money order, bank transfer or
PayPal (The paypal account number is: thatchercx4@cox.net).

CX4 Plans and color manual - includes shipping 360.00
CX4 Tri-gear modification - Plans and color manual - includes shipping 65.00
CX4 Speed Brake modification -  Plans and color manual - includes shipping 40.00

CX5 Tri-gear plans and color manual - includes shipping 475.00

The following kits, assemblies and parts are available from
Mr. Greg Westberry of Westberry Manufacturing LLC

Phone: (423) 667-9708
Email: FlyBgAir@mail.visioncomm.org 

CX4 Spar Assembly (Wings and center section) 1995.00
CX4 Tail Kit 1295.00
CX4 Wing Kit 6995.00
CX4 Preformed ribs and bulkheads 950.00
CX4 Nose wheel fork assembly 325.00
CX4 Nose strut 162.00
CX4 Canopy 175.00
CX4 Windshield 80.00
CX4 Front windshield retainer 80.00
CX4 Canopy and windshield bow and skirts 75.00
CX4 Canopy latch (each) 45.00
CX4 Stick and elevator control with boot 125.00
CX4 Rudder pedals assembly 200.00
CX4 Elevator horn 85.00
CX4 Exhaust pipes 200.00
CX4 Nylon bearing set 35.00
CX4 10.5 gal fuel tank 600.00

CX5 Spar Assembly (Wings and center section) 2200.00
CX5 Tail Kit 1595.00
CX5 Wing Kit 5995.00
CX5 Nose wheel fork assembly 325.00
CX5 Nose strut 162.00
CX5 Windshield 85.00
CX5 Nylon bearing set 20.00
CX5 Tie down rings 12.00

Engines are available from:

Mr. Scott Casler
Hummel Engines
5464 E. Storey Road
Coolidge, AZ 85128  USA
Phone: (520) 723-5283
Email: humengine@wildblue.net

Great Plains Aircraft Supply

32266 S 4525 Road
Afton, OK 74331  USA
Phone: (402) 493-6507
Email: info@greatplainsas.com

Revmaster Aviation
7146 Santa Fe Avenue East
Hesperia, CA 92345  USA
Phone: (760) 244-3074
Email: revavia@aol.com


Engine mounts are available from
Mr. Ed Klepeis of Tech Welding

Phone: (270) 898-3776
Email: techwelding@comcast.net

CX4 Engine mount 440.00
CX5 Engine mount 440.00

The following fiberglass parts are available from
Mr. Earnest Martin

Phone: (828) 230-5378
Email: martinerni@aol.com

CX4 Cowl 660.00
CX4 Wing & elevator tips 176.00
CX4 Main and nose wheel pants (each) 100.00
CX4 Fuselage to wing fairing (set) 300.00

CX5 Cowl (As of July 10, 2015 - Not yet shipping) 700.00
CX5 Wing tips (each) 65.00
CX5 Wing root leading edge fairing (each) 35.00
CX5 Elevator tips (each) 44.00
CX5 Vertical stabilizer fairing 25.00